Financial Tracking / Accounting

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James Hewitt Entrepreneurial Ventures
1351 Wood Valley Road
Mountainside, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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• A real estate firm located in suburban Mountainside, New Jersey
• Specialize in buying , selling or refinancing distressed-priced real estate
• Generate revenue through effectively refinancing “underwater” mortgages in partnership with nationally prominent trainers and a group of private investors
• Provide solutions to clients seeking to acquire real estate at discount prices in the current buyer’s market
• Mission to transform lives through affordable housing by empowering families and individuals to achieve the American dream of home ownership

• Become part of a team who participate as real estate investors
• Explore an “alternative” career as an entrepreneur with its potential for personal freedom and financial independence, in contrast to continuing an energy-draining, time-consuming and often frustrating job search in a tough and unreceptive economy
• Observe how economic theory, practical necessity, and human psychology combine in the sales process


This volunteer program could be for a summer intern or a recent graduate seeking an entry-level position which after an initial trial period may lead to a full-time career path as a real estate investor/entrepreneur with our firm. As part of the entrepreneurial team the trainee may begin doing transactions and participate in the team financial incentive bonuses commensurate with the revenue generated by his results. During the initial training period, the intern has the option of free room and board.


Start-up venture is looking for a Finance/Accounting intern. The student or recent graduate filling this position will find an opportunity to participate on a team and actually participate in the deal making process. Trainees will gain experience in the following:
• Prepare reports for business expenses and income for taxation purposes,
• Set up and monitor income, expenses and financial performance of multiple properties and an entrepreneurial venture,
• Prepare budgets for a grant proposal to fund stipends for recent graduates so they can participate in a year-long entrepreneurial training program in conjunction with a local university as a “Fiscal Sponsor”,
• Do a financial analysis of a construction project manager’s performance, itemizing discrepancies and determining costs,
• Underwriting and Credit checks,
• Write a job description for your own position that serves as a training guide for the next team,
• Cultivate relationships with buyers, sellers, private investors and real estate professionals.

Send a cover letter and resume to summarizing the specific experiences or interests the applicant believes qualifies him to benefit from our entrepreneurial training program.


We are looking for evidence of character traits including self-discipline, persistence, and an eagerness to accept responsibility. Applicants should be Business, Finance, Economics or Accounting majors proficient in Microsoft Office applications and Quick Books. Attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and excellent communication skills are all essential to this position. The applicant needs the ability to:
• Live in integrity by doing what you say and producing effective results
• Align with our entrepreneurial mission
• Be sociable and have the capacity to cultivate relationships with diverse people in a wide array of businesses

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