Fiscal Department Intern

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Met Council is one of New York’s top human service agencies helping 100,000 New Yorkers
fight poverty each year. Our services include crisis intervention, legal and immigration assistance, benefits outreach
and enrollment, kosher food pantries and vouchers, career training and assistance, domestic
violence counseling, affordable housing, home care, and home repairs.

The fiscal department at Met Council is the core of the organization's operations. It is in charge of receiving and recognizing revenue, recording and paying invoices, and everything in-between. The fiscal department works with the auditors to prepare year-end and various governmental audits. It also ensures that the executives have the information they need to properly manage the organization.

The intern will learn about processes in many different areas of the fiscal department. They will gain a better understanding of what happens to keep businesses running. Including:

• Gain insight into professionalism and working and communicating effectively with supervisors and other company personnel.
• Develop an understanding of the accounting software that the fiscal department uses.
• Learn methods of analyzing the general ledger and how information is integrated into the financial statements.
• Develop techniques to reconcile accounting on the general ledger and how to resolve discrepancies.
• Gain a further understanding of the accounting systems and the monthly accounting and reporting cycle.
• Gain a further understanding of the audit requirements and assisting auditors with workpaper requests.
• Develop time management skills and the ability to be responsible for more than one project at a time.
• Gain a further understanding of the accounting systems and the monthly accounting and reporting cycle.


Met Council seeks an intern to work in Met Council’s Fiscal Department on various financial management projects. Assignments will have demonstrable results at the end and interns will be paired with an accounting manager to gain firsthand experience. The intern will gain valuable experience about working in the business world, and will draw upon their classroom-based knowledge of accounting when assisting with complex problems.

Intern’s Main Responsibilities:
1. Annual audit support
2. Accounts receivable record keeping and analysis
3. Make accruals and journals on government contract accounting reports.
4. Accounts payable, document management, and account reconciliation.


Must be a current student. Ideally the intern would work at least three days a week, 5 hours per day. Applicants should ideally, be going towards a degree in accounting or another business major. Priority would be given to those who have completed more coursework and have a better understanding of the accounting process. Ideal candidates would be highly detail oriented and possess strong financial analysis and Excel skills. We are only accepting local applications.

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