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Please Note: More Than Cheer is looking for potential licensees. By participating in the internship program you can choose to be considered to become an MTC owner.

In school you learn reading, writing, science and math, but you don’t usually learn about finance, business and making money. By interning with More Than Cheer, you will not only learn about being an entrepreneur, you will gain valuable experience that will assist you in securing future educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and in starting your own business.

More Than Cheer Mission:
Creating New Lifestyle Options:The world is changing! More and more young people have the option to create a lifestyle of financial and time freedom by creating businesses. However, traditional education trains you to get a job not create a business. The Intern and Ambassador programs give you the opportunity to learn all the different tools and skills you will need to understand to be a successful employee or business owner.

Benefits Include:
Leadership Training
Management Training
Resume Building
Portfolio Building
Letters of Recommendation
And more
What kind of things will I be able to work on?

Media- External communications: blogging, writing articles, social media initiatives, and PR

Marketing- creates the action and marketing plan to help market More Than Cheer programs and events


Event Planning- create and plan events at their local level, as well as plan events for the national program.

Admin- Learn to coordinate all the back end functions of the company and have the most training on the tools More Than Cheer uses to run its operations.

What makes More Than Cheer different?
Education you dont find in school: We create and teach about young entrepreneurship/business, financial literacy, leadership, and more.
Unique: How many other internships have you found where you can work virtually or locally, gain a team of other Go Getters just like you, and learn from someone your age on how to create a business from the ground up?
All-Around-Support: We are one of the few companies that support young people who want to create jobs not just young people who want jobs! We have webinars, videos, online classes, live events, podcasts, and mentoring..
Exclusive: We maintain high standards for the team members we accept into our programs to make sure that they are just as committed to the program as we are. Team members are expected to work hard and keep their commitments in order to continue to remain on the More Than Cheer Team.


Interns will be expected to be on various weekly conference calls, to help develop action plans, and to follow through with the action plans created by the due dates established.


Motivated, interested and fun
Must be ages 18+
Must be willing to work virtually for at least 10 hours per week
Must be responsible and willing to learn
We would love someone with a lot of energy, who is forward thinking, wants to express their opinions, and to help others.
Must be willing to learn how to work virtually using Google docs, email, dropbox, and other tools
Must be willing to give creative input. I don't want robots!
Must be willing to collaborate and follow through with the teams plan.

How To Apply

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