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N King Enterprises is a home based Real Estate company. It's divisions are formed to lend a helping hand in some of the most difficult real estate problems people face today.
Windy City Real Estate Consultants are educators FIRST. We educate real estate owners that are over leveraged, facing foreclosure or in foreclosure. We guide them through a process that ultimately gains additional time to find solutions in saving their property. We hold presentations across the city and offer free one on one consultations at various locations. Secondly, we work with lenders on the options that are available for distressed property owners. This may include assisting them in negotiations of a lower interest rate, auditing of the escrow account, appealing property taxes and other services.
Queen King Investments specialize in real estate transactions. This includes acquisitions, wholesale deals, and fix and flips. We also network with hundreds of other investors and facilitate deals. There are some affiliate marketing as well.

I am looking for an assistant to help maintain such a structure. This person will have an eye for details with a creativity. Someone who is technically savvy with exceptional social skills. This person will assist in event planning, phone calls, building databases, and maintain client/Investor relationships.


Daily responsibilities will change as the business grows. Generally, this position includes tasks such as filing, making phone calls, internet research and organizing data accordingly.


The only requirements for this position is the willingness to learn and a cell phone. Business Administration is a plus.

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