Administrative Intern ( NYC In-House Position)

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Cognizant Ventures' builds both in-house and virtual teams, constructs digital marketing campaigns, and creates business development strategy for businesses. Leveraging our technology, people, processes, and social interaction capabilities, we assist our clients in reaching their business development objectives. Our specific methodology integrates, tracks, and analyzes lead generation, telesales, search marketing, social media, SMS, hand-held applications, e-mail, and mobile marketing.


Cognizant Ventures is seeking an in-house administrative intern to aid in daily operations of the company. The intern is expected to perform duties in the following areas:

-Social media management
-Event planning seminar/webinars
-Press releases
-Writing/Posting Job Posts
-Recruiting / Interviewing Candidates
-Entrepreneurial/ Business operations
-Marketing Solutions

This is a great opportunity for those who are not sure about which career field they want to venture towards. Interns will be able to experience and learn more about Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations /Business Management.

Compensation is based on available projects and events at the time.


Candidates must possess the following skill-set

• Proactive self-starter attitude
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Docs
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Basic proficiency and understanding in any of the mentioned fields
• Strong attention to detail in establishing priorities completing assignments and projects and meeting deadlines

****Prior Experience is not necessary. Candidate must be a New York City resident.****

How To Apply

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