Ecommerce Company Seeks Overall Support Intern

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The Pillow Collection Inc.
16 6th Rd
Woburn, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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The Pillow Collection is looking for an outgoing, energetic intern to assist us in growing the largest throw pillow collection online. We are the current 2013 summer interns looking for the next set of interns to assist in the daily occurrences of an ecommerce company. Our bosses, Adam and Kyle, have given us the task of looking for qualified interns to take over come this fall. It is a fun environment and the people could not have been more welcoming. Our experience working for The Pillow Collection has been extremely rewarding and has surely given us the skills to move forward in our careers.

The Pillow Collection is a fast paced ecommerce manufacturer of home furnishing related textiles; decorative throw pillows, and window treatments, to name a few. We work directly with other large online retailers as well as directly to the customer via our online website. The Pillow Collection is growing exponentially and is in need of interns to help throughout. A typical work day could include creating samples and photographing them; managing sales orders; getting orders out the door; inventory management; promoting the brand through social media outlets and doing whatever is needed. Our personal experience has included doing all of this and more. There is never a dull moment at The Pillow Collection and never a task considered too big or too small you may be asked to do. You will consider yourself a personal assistant to Kyle and Adam, our bosses! They are two of the nicest, funniest bosses we have ever had the opportunity to work with and would highly recommend working here!


We are looking for a hard-working, energetic person who is open minded to any and all tasks. A knowledge of computer skills such as Excel and of social media are required. The requirements of this job are not subject to certain guidelines; you are expected to come here eager to learn about a growing business and everything that entails as well as willing to work hard. Come with an open mind and with a desire to grow your professional skills. Adam and Kyle are here to teach you everything they know and do whatever they can to make your work day enjoyable and rewarding. As the current interns, we want the best of the best for the upcoming fall and are willing to answer any questions you may have about this position!

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