Charity Outreach Paid Internship

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YourCause. LLC
2508 Highlander Way
Carrollton, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Paid

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We’re looking for someone who is equally as passionate about doing good, as they are about learning about the more than 1.3 million non-profits in the US. We’re looking to hire someone who has healthy and vibrant outlook, amazing work ethic, superb communication skills, and can be a genuine asset to our team, culture, and ongoing growth. More specifically, this position will help us add to our expanding collection of charity information, which may require direct contact with nonprofits, and the creation of working relationships with the respective administrators.


More formally, we’re looking for someone who is:
Efficient, patient and possesses a positive attitude
Well organized and can handle receiving 20 or more charity requests a day
Proficient in computer systems and web research, who can effectively fill out charity pages throughout the day, with additional duties that may be assigned
Determined to make a positive influence in the world and assist nonprofits with whatever questions they may have

How To Apply

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