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We are looking for an office manager and executive assistant to assist our CEO in the operation of our Silver Spring office. The ideal candidate would have (or be in the process of getting) a college degree. (A graduate degree would be welcome.) This position would assist with the management of international offices and would be ideal for someone who wants international experience. The assistant will be expected to work with colleagues in emerging markets to support the development of wholesome products and the coordination of projects amongst various international teams. The candidate can expect some international travel in due course. Experience living or working abroad could be advantageous.

The suitable candidate MUST be organized, detail-oriented, interested in international development, and be pleasantly disposed to working with a variety of people from various cultures, countries and time zones. The candidate MUST write VERY well. Above all, the ideal candidate must be able to organize an office, interact seamlessly with clients and prospects, while overseeing the activity of various people working on trade development and product development projects.

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