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Muse Associates is a justice-driven, faith-based, entertainment consulting and promotions firm.

We work with Christian musical artists, authors, and speakers as well as their managers, labels, publishers, publicists, agents, and others in the faith-based entertainment and publishing industries to maximize the impact and reach of our clients’ platforms.

We also work hand-in-hand with a number of large, non-profit Christian humanitarian organizations. We help our clients produce the best possible live events—concerts, tours, speaking engagements, etc.—where our artists, authors, and speakers live out their faith by helping us raise millions of dollars for hungry, sick, orphaned and hurting people around the world.

Consistent with our place in the entertainment industry, we’re a fairly “laid-back” company. This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re not professional and consistently polite in all our dealings.

Muse Associates' interns are an integral part of how our clients and customers perceive our professionalism and ability to serve their needs. They are an important “first impression” we have a chance to make. With this in mind, we accept only the best interns. Contact our Intern administrator to see if you have the "right stuff."


- Assist one of our Executive Producers in various aspects of live concert promotions
- Collect essential data online and via telephone
- Organize and collect progress reports
- Monitor project calendar, ensuring project is on schedule and in budget


- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

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