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Prisoner Assistant is looking for an Jr Executive Assistant to help work on a case load. Prisoner Assistant provides professional services for prisoners across the nation. We help enrich their lives while incarcerated, help them in their journey toward rehabilitation and help prepare them for reentry back into society. Experience with prisoners, prisons or prisoner issues would be valuable.
Candidates can expect a somewhat flexible schedule and casual atmosphere. Prisoner Assistant is looking for those people who want a new career path and are looking for a challenging position. We want people who want to be part of a dynamic new initiative to help prisoners. People who want to be a part of something that transforms lives and makes a difference. Please take a look at our website prisonerassistant.com which is still in the developmental stages. Click on the Application Package button in the top right hand corner to download a catalog of the services we provide. Can lead to part or full time position.


The position of Executive Assistant we offer is unique and requires good typing, excellent online research skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Office programs. It requires an education beyond high school level and some experience in or understanding of a professional office setting. This position also requires very strong internet and computer skills. Any training in graphic design or an understanding of how banking and credit works would be advantageous. We are looking for someone who is responsible, dependable, self motivated and can work with minimal supervision. We require that the person has good judgment and the capability to maintain confidentiality. They need to be able to multitask, work quickly with an eye for detail. They must be organized and use effective time management. We need someone who is articulate with good written and oral communication skills. A person who can work under pressure, meet deadlines and who is comfortable with a time based billable system. We need quick thinkers and learners who have common sense and are able to solve problems using creative solutions.


Responsibilities of the position would include managing the clients' day to day needs, using the tools and guidelines we provide. You will need to provide frequent written responses to client requests, which can include any of the services outlined in our catalog. A copy of the catalog can be found and printed at prisonerassistant.com.

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