National Blood Foundation (NBF)

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This Intern will help with fundraising, meeting planning and website updates.

AABB offers student placement for Internships, Externships, and Academic Residency Programs within a non-profit organization. AABB seeks students interested in operations (examples: communications, marketing, finance, human resources, volunteer management) and strategic program development with focus on international programming, consulting services, strategic program implementation, and project management. AABB welcomes students with required academic externship requirements and we support academic reporting and supervision requirements. AABB’s internship program goals include offering to each student:

> Strong professional work introduction to non-profit organizations
> Well-defined project or set of program activities to complete that build technical and professional skill sets
> Work team experience
> Exposure to strategy implementation, measurement, and reporting

Program time commitment is based on three placement options:?
> Winter Break Placement (minimum of 4 weeks with minimum of 4 days per week)
> Spring Semester Placement (minimum of 20 hours per week, based on academics terms)
> Summer Placement (minimum of 20 hours per week, with minimum of 8 weeks)

Students will work under the guidance and mentorship of senior staff and will be assigned a direct supervisor. AABB’s internship program provides either a financial stipend or academic credit to all placed students.


> Strong written and verbal communication skills
> Secondary research skills, via Internet and academic search
> Organized, detailed oriented with follow-up skills
> Working knowledge of MS Office Suite, with strong expertise in data analysis (Excel), project management and/or presentation development, executive briefing (PowerPoint)
>Able to work independently and ability to summarize and synthesize information, research findings, meeting inputs and feedback


> Transportation to and from AABB (Bethesda Maryland), Metro access
> Minimum of 20 hours per week for each placement term
> Must be enrolled in Bachelors or Masters degree program with minimum of 3.2GPA

How To Apply

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