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Since 2008 Astute Artistry has been providing the public with services ranging from facials, semi-permanent lash applications,and eyebrow shaping,to student instruction in beginner, intermediate, and advanced beauty and Special F/X classes. Over 500 students have graduated and found success in the industry since. We are constantly pushing ourselves to take on bigger and more challenging jobs in an effort to keep our business as one of the best. I have had the privilege of showcasing my work at prestigious events such as the Oscars and The Hour Magazine's Best of Detroit event. With students graduating left and right we pride ourselves on knowing experienced and well-rounded artists are being let into the field.


*be available to work 16 intern hours/week
*work at least one make-up event/month

In Studio Responsibilities
*answer phones
*schedule appointments
*contact & sign students
*assigned tasks
*any other tasks dealing with the day-to-day operations of the studio


There is no prior knowledge necessary. This position perfect for those that eager to learn the skills and business aspect of becoming a Beauty or Special F/X make-up artist. Normally classes start at $3,200. We have started the intern program so that training and networking is possible for those that cannot afford this amount. For $800 (payment plans can be set up) and 300 hours of your time you will learn priceless skills for your career.

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