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Objective: To offer an internship opportunity that is community-based and project specific. The project fulfills the academic or professional needs of the intern and the requirements of the YWCA. We do try and give each intern a specific project matching as closely with their major as possible, so these are the broad details that each intern must possess.

Details: The candidate should possess:
•A passion for the community and our mission "eliminating racism and empowering woman"
•Extensive experience in Microsoft office and current computer technologies.
•The ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds and the interpersonal skills to conduct door to door and/or community based outreach on behalf of the YWCA.
•Academic and professional goals are aligned with the project goals.

Project Details: Work collaboratively with staff to develop and implement grassroots level outreach and recruitment strategies, plan events, find sponsorships, and assist staff in any way possible. Create new and inventive ways to engage the girls we serve through their curriculum. Assist the program team in teaching after-school classes. Help with filing, phones, and mailing.

About the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley
Established in 1905 to advocate for young women migrating to Pasadena and entering the workforce, the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley, an independent 501(c)(3), has been a pioneering voice in its fight for racial, economic, and gender equality for over a century. From our pre-1920 racial integration plan to the early 1970s founding of the nation’s first Big Sister program and the area’s first rape hotline, the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley has long been on the cutting edge of responding to the needs of women.

Our mission is “eliminating racism and empowering women.” We serve over 1,000 community members annually in the Pasadena area, with special emphasis on low-income communities, women, youth, and minorities. While the YWCA has Christian roots, we are open to all, and our programs have no religious content.


-Work with PR/Marketing team in getting sponsorships and donations.
-Work with Program team in planning events, activities for the community, and outreach.
-Assist office in filing, phones, emails, and fax's.
-Assist team with after school programs for girls.


- Possess skills at initiating innovative ideas, unifying team members, and judging correctly what will appeal to target audiences.
- Prefer challenges that involve communication, are people-oriented, promote networking and socializing, and include roles that call for imagination.
-TB Test
-Background Check
-Proof of Insurance (only if interested in driving girls on trips)
-Time commitment is required of at least 10 hours a week for a minimum of 4 months in office.
-All interns are required to be a part of our mentorship program, which is a one year commitment, 5 hours a month).

How To Apply

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