Office Intern/Assistant

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The Pulse
Company Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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The Pulse does event coverage and video marketing with an interview style!
We are the E-news of San Diego but instead of focusing on celebrity gossip, we celebrate and focus on the amazing businesses in San Diego! We spotlight local business owners and learn about their personal story.
Cindy, the host of the show, will come to your event or business, try your products and services on camera, talk to some of your best clients, and give your potential customers an inside view of your company. We are all about fun, and we make this an interactive, natural experience. Instead of talking to a camera, you are having a real conversation with Cindy, in a relaxed setting, with a tailored set of questions to target potential clients.
If you are hosting an event and would like to create a buzz, we come out and interview guests, the co-hosts, and sponsors, all with a hip, stylish tone!

In this position, we are looking for someone to help with administrative tasks and scheduling appointments and maintaining our calendar.


- Organize and collect progress reports
- Monitor project calendar, ensuring project is on schedule and in budget
-assist on booking appointments and managing day to day calendar/events/video shoots
-entering data into mail chimp or database management


- Understand cost-reduction principles and how to implement goals
- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

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