Virtual Administrative Assistant

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Drop Shipping Supplier
Posted: 498 days ago
Company Location: Bowling Green, KY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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Who We Are

Drop Shipping Supplier was created on June 7th of 2006, and is one of the oldest drop shipping directories that is still updated daily. The site originally was designed as an e-commerce store and helped sell bulk wholesale products.

We originally started as e-commerce merchants nearly 10 yrs ago. We realized through our own trial, and error that there was a better way to sell products over the internet than what was being offered at that time. Through the years we have grown into a self-supporting community that is dedicated to helping each member start their own business. We created the very first PSU drop shippers community that is still going strong today, we also have created over 300 e-commerce websites for our members located all over the world, and have met, or spoke personally with over 5000 suppliers throughout the years.

The position:
We are looking to hire a Virtual Administrative or Personal Assistant. The employee has to be friendly, have good computer skills, reliable, hard working and who can handle multiple tasks.

Basic Responsibilities
1. Managing an online Store
2. Corresponding with potential buyers with lesser or no supervision.
3. Account receivable and Payable.
4. Maintaining online inventory.

Who You Are

You have excellent customer/Sales service skills
You have excellent written and interpersonal skills
You work quickly, independently and with great attention to detail
You are committed to providing a consistently high level of support

Please note: This position is part-time. We are looking for someone that can work remotely during morning/evening and weekend hours. Your location doesn't matter, but you must have access to a reliable internet connection and be able to have periodic virtual meetings with the organization Support Manager.

To apply

In lieu of a cover letter, please answer the following questions:

1. Describe a specific experience that you had with a frustrated customer and how you resolved the issue in a positive way.

2. Tell us why you want to work remotely and how this position fits in with your current


What You'll Do

1. Take down records of every order (items bought, time of sales, type of transaction) that comes in including the timing and at the end of every Saturday, a documented copies should be sent to our email.
2. Funds received, fee charged by any of our payment processor and the final balance should be documented and sent as well.
3. If there are needs to correspond with potential buyers, that should be done.
4. On the morning of everyday, updates should be sent in, which would include; the receivable/payables from the sales received in previous days.


Job Requirements
You work harder than everyone you know and put 100% into everything you do!
You genuinely care about helping others succeed
You are willing to commit to being successful (a whatever it takes mentality)
You know how to fail, learn and keep moving forward!

How To Apply

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