Executive Administrator/Assistant. PR, Media, Networking, Design

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Posted: December 04 2015
Company Location: Dumont, NJ
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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This posting is for 3 companies and a non profit. The applicant can apply for 1 or more of these positions.

ChiRyuAos llc:
An awareness company that focuses on bringing to light parts of society that are not given enough attention. It's main focus right now is something called theASGproject. An international project designed to help people prepare and plan for disasters.

Caballero Tutoring & Consulting llc:
Tutoring & Consulting. Very different than other companies of this category.

Serious Jester llc:
This company produces games, apps, websites, etc.

Most importantly the Non Profit:
Citizens of the World
international effort based on helping people after any disaster. very in depth project

All 4 of these entities are in the middle of very big, very rapid expansions and are having new and/or improved websites made. The requirements for each company vary greatly.
ChiRyuAos llc: theASGproject is a very very in depth project. Out of the 3 companies, it has by far the most work that needs to be done. social medias, website development, app development, hiring, blogging, updating, categorizing, public speaking, filming, recording, testing, a lot of research and an array of miscellaneous work. At the moment it seems like there is enough work to do to keep us busy until the end of time. Fortunately all of it is very rewarding and can potentially help a lot of people.
Caballero Tutoring & Consulting: This company will be bringing in the most revenue the soonest. CaballeroTutoring.com is being finished within the next few weeks. As soon as the position has been filled, we will start hiring a lot of tutors. This is going to be very work demanding but will also be very financially rewarding.
Serious Jester: This companies first main title will be released in a few months. While in development, we will be making 3 or 4 mini games for the sake of learning and development. Those games will be released and capitalized on but not given too much attention. We are going to start hiring designers and artists in the next few weeks/months.

Citizens of the World: This is a huge legal battle that is going to require a substantial amount of finances to fully fund. The non profit is a World Wide effort and has the potential to help everyone.
All of these entities will be moving forward but without more initial funding cannot afford to pay much if any at all. However, with the amount of growth and the planned speed, any internship filled has the potential to become permanent with pay and health insurance. There is a lot of work to be done with each company and all work done has the potential to bring significant revenue for the company. Anyone who works hard enough will be able to prove it and subsequently be brought on.


This will depend on what the intern is working on and how much they can handle. During this expansion most tasks will be given a deadline. The more work the intern can handle, the more they will be given. If you read the Description you have an idea of what kind of tasks will be expected for what company.

The intern can be assigned any of the following based on their qualifications and what they can handle:
website maintenance, social media maintenance, website development, app development, public relations, advertising, marketing, research, blogging, customer relations, product design, graphic design, public events, public advertising, filming, photography, recording, acting, singing, drawing, conventions, business relations, crowd funding, essays/papers, community development, community management, organizing and/or corporate structuring.


The requirements for these position vary based on the company. If you have read the Description than you have an idea of what will be required for each company. If someone feels like they have the qualifications to help with one of the companies, they should. If they feel like they could handle the work for multiple companies, they are free to apply. There is a lot of diversity here but the key is hard work, determination, and focus. If this is something you want, and something you think you can do, there is no reason you shouldn't try. If you can't keep up or do enough, then at least you'll learn. If you're motivated, want to do something challenging, informative, or rewarding, you should apply.


Required - Microsoft Office, Communication Skills, Always Willing to Learn, Organization Skills, Google Drive
Preferred - Marketing, Community Development, Customer Relations, Videography, Business Relationship Management, Design, Research & Development, Social Media Management

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