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CELEBRITY MAGAZINE™ is the ONLY print publication truly dedicated to the college lifestyle. We continue to use celebrities and entrepreneurs as tools to inspire young adults and the future generation of people that will lead us. We hold our credibility by remaining cool, trendy, and up beat with the latest in FASHION, POP-CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT, COLLEGE LIFESTYLE, SPORTS/ FITNESS, and CELEBRITIES. CELEBRITY MAGAZINE™ is a FREE print
publication dedicated to the College Lifestyle, with direct distribution to college students in major colleges, universities, and HBCU’s on the east coast.

Our young trendsetting audience can only be influenced by those that understand their lifestyle, their wants and needs, and themselves as individuals; and we do just that. The hottest most influential celebrities grace our covers and are spotlighted for their positive influences, success, and accomplishments.


• Correspond with the Director of Sales to help secure new clients and preserve current clients
• Update Ad Clients Sheet
• Help to maintain business relationships between brands & agencies and the publication
• Research new small and large businesses & brands
• Implement new sales strategies
• Handle initial advertising inquiries
• Keep advertisers informed of new additions to the media kit, expansion of distribution, and changes that will affect them
• Send physical copies along with thank you letters to current advertisers
• See that all advertising contracts/ receipts are signed, copied, and filed
• Help the Director of sales to invoice advertisers for payment
• Help to create campaigns from companies existing art
• Researching new and independent fashion boutiques (mens & womens), Night clubs, independent restaurants (no chains), and local concert and party promoters in the states in which the magazine is distributed.
• Market research on popular college life anD nightlife areas in each city.
Creating media kits, revamping media kits


A strong interest in advertising. A willingness to succeed. Great writing and research skills. Knowledge of the college market.

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