Advertising Account Services / Administrative Internship

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Watermark Advertising
400 Inverness Parkway, Suite 210
Englewood, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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This is a highly unique opportunity in that interns selected for this position will be exposed to the inner workings of a “Boutique Advertising Agency.” In this capacity, the intern will participate in all aspects of the “boutique model” and thus be afforded the opportunity to experience and be “exposed” to a multiplicity of aspects relative to this organization. This includes observing the development of concept and campaign development, involvement in the copywriting process relative to all marketing processes, promotional material, websites, and press releases. Interns are involved in conducting research; learning and understanding the nuances and process of stock imagery research; involvement in scheduling events, meetings, photo/video shoots, the model selection process; copywriting protocol and supporting processes; observing and assisting on photo and video shoots; observing the development process for media placements on an as needed basis; learning the process involved in the development of client estimating and in addition to involvement with standard, basic administrative work relative to the advertising and marketing field.


Required Qualifications: Minimum GPA of 3.0. Be comfortable working in an ever-changing office environment. Must work well in teams and collaborative situations. Must have a professional attitude, be meticulous and be able to work at a quick pace when necessary. Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must. Individuals majoring in marketing, advertising, communication and/or business marketing or who have worked in advertising, marketing, or public relations fields are encouraged to apply.

Preferred Qualifications: Those with prior office and administrative experience with strong proficiency in Microsoft Office programs are encouraged to apply.

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