Advertising Artist Promotions Insurance - Internships for 3 Companies

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I represent the three (3) companies. The positions available are in Advertising, Artist Promotions and Insurance. I own all three companies and I am looking for interns to work at each one of the companies. All of the companies are willing to give interns an opportunity to work in the area of business development. I am looking for interns that are available to work morning, evenings and weekends. You will be working in the Los Angeles area and there is possible travel for those interns working in advertising and artist promotions. Interns working in advertising and artist promotions must be very smart and can make quick decisions. The intern must have a powerful personality! Must be positive and be able to communicate in front of others. Interns working in these two companies must be charismatic and somewhat aggressive. It is important that the interns working hours are flexible for these two companies. The insurance company is looking for a strong personality as well, however, this intern must also be good with numbers. This intern must also want to get his or her insurance license. This intern will be working more traditional hours. There may be some hours on the weekend if intern wants to go out and talk to businesses. The companies are located in the South Bay. If you are self-motivated, love people and like creating a network, the advertising and artist promotions company is a great opportunity. Interns that work with these two companies will push either musical artists and/or new businesses.


All interns must make their own schedules. There will be some optional hours that are flexible. However, if you don't keep the hours you make in your schedule you will be released from all responsibilities. You must be responsible to complete your tasks on time. Interns in the insurance company must be willing to get their insurance license. Interns for the advertising and artist promotions must be willing to travel and dress up or dress down based upon the activity. Interns in the insurance company may be required to attend some classes to get the license. All interns are responsible to learn as much as they can as fast as they can all industries. No one will receive any response from any of the companies if they have not sent in answers to all the questions. The email again is


"Must haves" include personality, intelligence, and desire to succeed in the business. All interns must have a "commitment strategy" to attain knowledge and experience in the business world. Shyness is not accepted. Degrees, certifications, designations are not required. Being an excellent communicator in person and in writing is a must. Having a great appearance is a requirement. If you don't like to get dressed up, iron your clothes, wear a suit from time to time..... none of these companies are for year. You must be an intern that is ready for anything, wants to learn and can put your best foot first whenever you are in the public eye. The intern must also be able to babysit and be a personal assistant to those artists that we represent or work with. Some of them can act like children. lol The intern working for the insurance company must show leadership and sales skills. All interns must send the answers to the following questions to These questions are as follows: Why should we hire you? What is your greatest achievement to date? why do you want to work in either the artist promotions, advertising or insurance industry? What is your strongest attribute? Would you consider yourself creative? Are you a leader or more of a follower? Do you have trouble meeting new people? Are you a quick learner? Do you If you get your answers in before the end of November, you can start working in December. If you don't get answers to the companies until December, you will not be hired until January.

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