Advertising / Marketing Creative Internship

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Noel Bass Photography
3353 Shelby Drive #205
Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Noel Bass Photography is expanding it's creative portfolio toward commercial photography and video for advertisements. This is a very creative and collaborative point in time for us as we are building concepts from the ground up. The idea is to build a massively strong portfolio that showcases not only the photographic strength of our team, but also the modern, inventive and creative approach to marketing in each project.

We're looking for creative minded marketing majors or freelancers who want to build their own portfolios together. What we plan to do is work as a team from concept to creation. Think of this as a hands-on opportunity to be a major creative force for your own marketing firm, without worrying about all the business end of things. meaning, this is a creative opportunity for all to build a portfolio as none of the projects will have a paying client. Instead, we handpick a client, look at their company history, look at where they are going and the products they have recently launched. We then put together an ad campaign to fit the modern market. We execute the campaign with images and/or video and anything else we can conceptualize to build a strong campaign. In the end, we'll have worked with other creatives, such as photographers, graphic artists, models, actors, throughout each experience.

If you have ideas, then let's connect!


To conceptualize and create a creative campaign for products and/or companies from the ground up. You will be able to be a hands-on part of every step.


Must have the passion to be creative and work with teams of all sizes. For those that are creative geniuses but have an introverted nature, we'd like to work with you too! You decide how outgoing you'd like to be.

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