Digital Media Ad Sales

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Double EE Productions, LLC
Posted: 585 days ago
Company Location: Wappingers Falls, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Paid

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We are a digital media distribution company and digital media marketing company looking for interns to train and work in soliciting media ads for our media affiliates that include magazine, radio, video, live events and social media. The interning team will spend a large amount of time attempting to secure new clients. This will be done virtually via personal or google phone cold calling on many occasions, while at other times it might be done through face-to-face meetings at a potential client's offices or venue. Before visiting a client our interns will be asked to research various companies that fit or match our audience so that they can outline the benefits advertising will bring to their company. Once to twice a week interns will asked to be in a sales meeting, going over the prospects via phone or google hangout. Once a sale has been confirmed the agent will then put together a proposal outlining the costs and specifications of the sale, including the size and placement of the ad.

The intern will be trained and educated on our company and introduced to our media affiliates and will have to demonstrate a sales call prior to field work. Some interns will be processing the information for the affiliates that are receiving the information to post online.


Media Ad Sales person will be responsible for researching online and brick and mortar businesses, making cold and some warm calls that will build into relationships, make and close some sales, follow up on any up-sales or continued monthly contracts.

Interns must know how to use google hangout, have the ability and tools to work remotely, should have a clean and professional FaceBook and Twitter account.


Looking for people with strong communications skills, personality, the ability to listen. A must have; positive attitude and disposition, the ability to understand and communicate our services, and knowledge of various online media terms. Must be a people person and able to attend evening networking events and have time to attend tappings. Interns must have strong research skills and enjoy the media and entertainment industry. We are looking for those who think outside the box and are professionally responsible and morally sound.

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