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Do youTweet,Facebook, PinInterest or Blog all day? We are looking for a student that has a passion for social media,web,blogging. Our company is looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing/advertising team.  Our company is expanding and we are looking for a committed and goal oriented intern who can participate in various stages of online social, media, blogging and networking marketing campaigns.


This position is responsible for increasing our brand awareness, driving internet traffic, and increasing quote activity 
Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials
Leverage social networks to strengthen relationships with existing clients and increase the number of impressions on potential clients
Utilize Blogging, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, networking, and back link building to raise our web presence and placement on web searches
Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on/ offline
Increase the number of clients and contractors  
Maintain tracking report of public relations activity will be instrumental in increasing our social media presence, increasing visibility for our brand and creating online buzz.
Researching and implementing additional existing and emerging social media channels. ?
The intern should be familiar with the following websites, as well as realize the practical uses for each site:

• Facebook
• Google Plus
• Wordpress
• Twitter
• Flickr
• Pintrest
• Linkedin
• YouTube


It’s a rare opportunity to learn the business, grow your skills and explore the avenues for future success. You will need the ability to work a minimum of 15-25 hours per week.You will need an understanding of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube minimum. We would like for you to have a solid understanding of the internet and social media marketing best practices. You will need to have a fearless attitude towards technology and a willingness to learn.
The Company is looking for an undergraduate student in the Florida/Georgia area who is majoring in Sales, Marketing or Advertising. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of Web and Social Media. PowerPoint, Word and Excel experience is a bonus, and will be considered when choosing the best applicant for this internship position. You also will need to be able to work independently.

How To Apply

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