Marketing/Advertising & Social Media Manager- Immediate start date

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Established in 2009, Tastefully Done Events is an event production company serving the New Jersey/New York area. Since inception, we have hosted a variety of events including bridal and vendor showcases, singles events, charity events, fashion shows, food/drink tastings and networking events. We have been growing and plan to add a multitude of organized events to our resume!

TDE is a small business that is growing quick! It is owned/operated by a single individual, we have recently added one executive assistant and a vendor manager. We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is interested in learning more about the event planning industry.

Through TDE you have the opportunity to learn a plethora of skills especially in the fields of sales, journalism, marketing/advertising, accounting and graphic design. This particular opportunity is seeking an individual who can manage our books! We would like this individual to have a passion for accounting.

This is a flexible part-time position. The individual has the ability to work at their leisure making sure to meet each and every deadline.

To be considered for this position please write a cover letter letting us know why you'd like to intern with Tastefully Done Events. Send it with your resume to

Please NOTE that this is an unpaid internship, this is part time, we can work with your school to gain credits there is some travel required (meetings with owner) and you have the ability to work from home/at your leisure.


Looking for a very computer savvy individual to post ADS for the company, and explore other facets of marketing to drive new business.
Ensure that our site is optimized to attract and engage those visitors that closely match the agreed profile of the target audience
Build systems to ensure all content is optimized across all platforms and user experiences (websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals etc)
Promote both offsite and onsite activities and also the interactions that build ranking, profile and traffic

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