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Appzhao of Philadelphia is looking for a talented intern to join our team of Social Media/Marketing/Public Relation experts. This is a rare and great opportunity to be apart of a rapidly growing startup company. If you are able to prove yourself and generate new business, we WILL HIRE YOU!

About Appzhao Inc:
Appzhao is a app discovery social network site that gives consumers the power to share and recommend apps through individual Appstore pages or what we like to call Appzhao pages. On their Appzhao page they can create categories like in the Appstore ("What Hot", "Top Paid", "New and Noteworthy", etc.). In turn, other consumers can watch their Appzhao page, which we like to call "watchers" and get notifications every time they make an update or add an app to their Appzhao page. Basically each individual has his or her own mini Appstore that they organize in the way they see fit. So there can be Appzhao pages that list apps about cooking, exercise, books, games, etc. These Appzhao pages would have apps that correspond to their description or categories on the Appzhao page.

Our site:
Demo video:


-Creating a PR platform that will promote the brand and gain audience
-Maintaining all social media outlets-Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Stumbleupon, and other online marketing platforms
-In person marketing
-Organizing social events
-Attend networking events
-and much much more!!


- Ability to work in a virtual environment
- Ability to work independently
- Ability to Promote / Market a Brand
- You must be: Outgoing, confident, driven, hard worker, and creative, self motivated
- Can be full time/part time

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