Marketing & Advertising/ Sales Assistant

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Description is a members only network of businesses, talents, trades, items, services, and bartered deals. We not only offer affordable, UNLIMITED advertisement with our memberships, but a host of other services to help get the name of our local businesses and entrepreneurs out to consumers. Our goal, to create a hub where owners and local customers can collaborate and discover the opportunities, and the services they have available to them locally, all while strengthening communities by showing the importance of working together. Through the use of picture and video advertisements, local store owners, as well as entrepreneurs can now show their entire inventory, or what they have to offer before you leave the comfort of your home.


- Coordinate marketing and advertising campaigns and report to Account Executives
- Organize and coordinate community outreach
- Create and complete New Client transactions


- Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management
- Express enthusiasm and a strong will to succeed

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