Sales, Marketing Administration & Human Resources Recruiter Internship(s)

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Company Location: Chico, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Local Marketing Agency on the Come Up has needs for (2) Internship positions available.
Sales & Marketing Administrative Intern
Human Resources Recruiter Intern

Learn Mad Skills. Create your Own Paycheck and Move Up to F/T or P/T when you decide.
10 hour week commitment first 3 months.
Highly coveted titles and skill sets, set yourself up for future success

Great for College Students, Business/Marketing/Human Resources Majors, Graphic Arts People, Salespeople, anyone wanting a change and willing to commit because marketing and sales is a field that can transform your life and paycheck. Learn all aspects of Sales, marketing and Administration, Human Resources Recruitment.

Computer, Smartphone, High Speed Internet
Plus: Graphic Arts Skills, social connections

Ideal Candidate for us is simply an intelligent, hardworker with strong follow thru on hours committed, open mind, creative ideas and initiative, strongly opinionated, sales skillsets, people person, business minded, confident, graceful, friendly, social and ability to grow social networks.

What you should want to know
What experience will this give me to connect me with my major life goals?
How long am I willing to ‘work for free’ and what is the potential income level that would satisfy within 6 months that I would commit 10 hours week for 3 months?
What you don’t want…
Multi-Level Marketing Schemes, Work forever for free Internships, any position where you cannot ‘tie yourself to revenue you generate’ as that is key for your safety in the modern work environment, we’ll help show you how to secure that skill set.

Why Us?:
Personally work with founder and gain experience in wide variety of skill sets which will allow you to “Leapfrog” over your Peers without this experience.
Commissions model is so easy to exploit you could begin immediately.
If you do decide you’d like to integrate with our commission model Our Marketing Collateral is top notch and does the sales work for you, YOU do not need marketing experience or sales skills to close our sales because our business is built on the model of simplicity and offering a local business owner a simpler method to purchase their advertising, as such all our offers are already written down and spelled out so often simply connecting the right business owner or executive to our material is enough to get the sale. There is also opportunity to create commissions by metrics other than direct sales such as appointments set or businesses engaged on facebook for instance.

To Apply:
Please send email with opening letter and a little about yourself, and hours available, resume neat but not necessarily necessary, make sure your contact info included.
Candidates are encouraged to show off their social media skills/ network ability.

How To Apply

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