Search Engine Marketing/Online Advertising

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We are an E-Commerce Software company that has over 15,000 users. Our software is self service, but we also offer services - and one of the services that we offer is Search Marketing, a/k/a SEM.

We provide SEM services to our client base. We offer self service programs, all the way to fully managed solutions. Our goal is to make our customers successful selling online.


You will learn about:
- Writing product and category descriptions for E-Commerce websites.
- How to blog on WordPress.
- Blogging for E-Commerce
- Analytics Reporting
- How Google Ad Words works.
- Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest management, etc.
- And Much More!


This position is in our marketing department. You need to be very motivated. You also must have very good copy writing skills as a lot of our work is based around copy writing. You will also have customer contact, so you must have a good attitude and a friendly demeanor.

English majors, Creative Writing and/or Marketing majors are generally the best fit for this position.

How To Apply

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