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Accrete Group, an association management company (AMC*), supports volunteer leaders of nonprofits and associations in developing strategies to improve the organization’s capacity to serve its constituents. We provide all the staffing services tax exempt organizations require from strategic management for growth and development working with the leaders of our clients as part of their team to managing the day-to-day activities of financial management, event planning, administrative support, government relations grassroots, membership development, and publications support including print, electronic and Internet.


Secure and create content for their newsletters, both print and electronic. Become the point person for content that will come in from a variety of sources: members, volunteers, staff, consultants, and speakers. Identify gaps in content and find, through online searches and industry publications, additional sources of content, develop relationships with content contributors on behalf of the organization, track the contact information for these sources, and introduce the leadership of the organization(s) to them for continuity with them for years to come. Organize and copy edit content. Write content for the organization on matters of importance which include members news, association events, government relations reports, and potentially articles on hot topics and breaking news. Oversee the work of the graphic designer for print newsletters and create e-newsletters using Constant Contact. Work independently from your location while collaborating with staff, volunteers, and interns as necessary.


Organized, detail-oriented, and the ability at portray a good business image. Please have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Comfort and proficiency with technology like e-mail, the Internet, MS Office, and have the willingness to learn user-friendly software. Able to multi-task and work independently, yet not intimidated to ask questions when needed. Must be reliable, punctual, and able to attend phone meetings a few times a week to conduct interviews and meet with staff. Being adaptable to changes in projects and priorities as required. Intern should also have some experience in editing, organizing publications/newsletters, and some knowledge of graphic design. Must be adaptable to different work environments and should have an optimistic attitude.

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