Pre-Vet/Large Animal Internship (Fall 2017)

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Peaceful Pastures, LLC
69 Cowan Valley Lane
Hickman, TN
Posted: August 29 2016
Application Deadline: March 17, 2017
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid
Timeframe: 08/09/17 — 12/15/17

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WHAT IS PEACEFUL PASTURES? Peaceful Pastures is a direct market, all natural, grass fed, meat business producing and selling beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey. All of the species are pastured on the 2500 acres we own/ manage.

WHO IS A TYPICAL INTERN? All of our interns are people dedicated to a summer of learning and diversity; they are eager to accept responsibility and step up to a new level of intensity and growth. They look forward to being independent from family and “High School Ways and Days” for a time of personal achievement.

The scope, size and diversity of our operation allows us to offer outstanding internship opportunities in several areas, yet being a small family run business provides one on one learning, coaching and evaluation.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS I’LL LEARN? You’ll learn to identify, assess and treat common ailments in beef, sheep, and swine; handle livestock in a low stress manner whether herding, in the chute or hands on; administer injections IM and Sub Q to various species; detect estrus; draw blood; ear tag, freeze brand for permanent identification; and various methods of castration. Additional opportunities include: livestock water development practices; pasture improvement technologies; basic mechanical skills; the role and importance of secure fencing; and knowledge of what goes into putting a quality product on the retail store shelf.


HOW DOES A PEACEFUL PASTURES LARGE ANIMAL INTERNSHIP COMPARE TO OTHER ANIMAL INTERNSHIPS? In any animal internship, you will spend time and gain experience in three main areas: husbandry, housing and feeding.

A small animal internship at a kennel or vet clinic the experience may look like this:

Husbandry: general health checks, giving shots, administering pills
Housing: cleaning cages, emptying litter boxes
Feeding: giving kibble or special diets at meal times, twice daily

At a stable:

Husbandry: general health observation, notifying barn manager of problems, hosing legs
Housing: mucking stalls, sweeping barn aisle way
Feeding: giving hay and or grain

At a dairy:

Husbandry: general herd health checks
Housing: shoveling calf pens, scraping the milk parlor, cleaning the loafing shed
Feeding: bottle feeding calves

At Peaceful Pastures:

Husbandry: Our approach is to focus on disease prevention rather than treatment, so if you expect to doctor sick animals day in and day out for the summer, you will be disappointed. Here you will function more as a primary care physician for the animals than an ER doctor. By observing what is normal, healthy behavior and physiology, it will better help you detect when an animal is not feeling well or functioning properly. There will still be plenty of hands on work and you will detect and treat illness and you’ll also learn how large animals fit into the rural lifestyle and business.
You’ll see the animals from a case management view point Vs. “catch and release.”

Housing: Since animals here are not confined, there are few stalls to clean and no concrete lots to scrape! Instead, you’ll build housing environment by repairing breaks or constructing new fences.

Feeding: Our animals don’t get grain, so to “feed’” them, you will help with pasture rotation and improvement. You also make sure all mineral feeders are well stocked with mineral and salt.

Because of our holistic approach, our operation is more varied than most; you won’t spend as much time on routine chores and you’ll be outside most of the time. Our days tend to be species concentrated-for example, one week you could spend 3 days doing nothing but working beef cattle, then not visit with a beef cow again until the next pasture rotation. In addition, all of our interns attend farmers markets.

IMPORTANT! While the internship is structured to give pre-vet, AHT, and animal science majors hands on experience with livestock, not every job nor every day will entail direct contact with animals. Other jobs that relate to the care, feeding, housing and maintenance are part of the internship. These jobs may include, but are not limited to fencing, seeding, baling hay, barn cleaning, and water supply as they relate to the reality of owning and caring for livestock.

ALL of our positions involve ongoing manual labor tasks.

HOW DO I APPLY? Fill out the application and submit the short answers to the questions at the en


WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS? You MUST be: at least 18 years old; physically fit; able to repeatedly lift and carry 50 pounds; able to walk/run up/down steep hillsides; drug and tobacco free; have a drivers license, reliable transportation, and follow a basic dress code.

Preferential hiring will be given to applicants who can safely drive a stick shift.

In addition successful applicants will demonstrate a helpful, “can do” mindset and be capable of working steadily with minimal supervision while alone or in a group. You need a teachable attitude and realistic expectations.


Required - American English

How To Apply

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