Video Game developer -programmers, modelers, visual designers

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Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Ars Minerva is a San Francisco-based non-profit performing arts organization created in 2013, and, o ur mission is to introduce new ways to engage audiences, pioneering innovative solutions to bring new and younger audiences to the world of classical music. Our team is a unique combination of talented people with various backgrounds from high-tech industries, attorney, designers, professor, specialist in non-profit organization and some young and internationally recognized musicians. Our advisory council includes world-leaders in their respective fields. Every year, Ars Minerva will recreate the Venice Carnival Festival in San Francisco with world- premieres of forgotten 17th-century Venetian operas, mask-making, and playful events engaging audience creativity.

Mission Statement
We aim to bring creativity to the service of the arts and we commit to:

> Give the best we have.

> Share our passion for Music.

> Revive forgotten Musical Treasures .

> Bring Opera to everyone.

> Establish a dialogue with our audience.

> Take risks.


• develop a game
• Provide creative solutions and make recommendations.
• Must be able to work both independently and collaboratively with our artistic team on ideas and requirements.

Let us discuss about the details:)


• Strong skills with 3D software and visual arts
• A portfolio of work examples.
• Motivated and interested by the Arts.
• Be creative

How To Apply

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