Design Assistant, Animation Assistant, Programmer, & PR.

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The "I Versus Eye" clan is currently seeking young, talented, & driven individuals who have some experience in design, animation, programming (websites, iPhone apps, etc.), or PR services for intern positions. We are currently looking for one person per position (maybe more for programming positions) to join the clan initially as interns, however, we are looking to bring in new members to the team if an intern's work is exemplary and they fit the company's culture/lifestyle.

"I Versus Eye" is a multi-media company ( ; ) with quite a bit of experience in a variety of facets relating to media. We've worked for "Neuro (vitamin water)" for over a year ( ; search Google "Neuro Mandala" = 1 small promo we made; we designed the entire website & overall branding for Neuro). We're currently filming a 5 hr. documentary, covering 4 female Olympic athletes, for LIVESTRONG as the athletes train for the London Olympics & the clan will actually be heading to Europe to continue filming. LIVESTRONG just saw our first episode and absolutely loved our work, which we heard just yesterday (6/5/2012).

Aside from those endeavors we're currently designing & revamping BNIB's website ( ; tons of coding positions available for future projects), managing 4 artists (K. Rudd, Rare Times, Agendas [Jake Weary], & Somewhere Else ;, producing/animating a video for Vice, and event production/rendering for Caravents ( We've also done event production for "Marie Claire, the Spirit Awards, Garnier Fructis, Swarovski, Shlohmo (with live visual DJing at Echoplex), & more".

Our artist K. Rudd will be performing with AB-Soul (with 2 Special Appearances) in Oakland, CA on 6/17/2012 and we are in the process of planning out events at various venues in the Hollywood area as well as bringing on a PR agency to being working with our artists. So if you're interested in joining a company of young (22-24 yr. old; any age welcome though), driven, and talented individuals with its hands in every facet of media then apply for an internship.


Design Assistant: help in creating album cover art & various other designs for posters. You would take direction from the main designer and assisting in any design work that may be needed for websites, album covers, to creative pieces. On the job training is available in specific techniques if needed by the head designer.

Animation Assistant: help in video editing and animation for after filming production. The head designer would draw up the illustrations/layers needed for every shot while the assistant would be making these illustrations to move. You would work alongside our head designer and collaborate with him on the projects.

Programmers: Would help code websites, map out the layout/flow of the website, manage specific portions of the social network sites, & help code games (iPhone apps/etc.). We work on a ton of websites and work will always be available for coders, especially since we're currently designing our official "I Versus Eye" website.

PR Assistant: Manage the social networks and keep everything up to date while looking for new sources/markets to tap into that will promote the company and its artists.


Design Assistant:
- knowledge & experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign (all would be ideal, but experience in any would be a great start and you can learn the others from a skilled designer along the way).
- Creativity and artistic abilities aside from the mandatory computer skill sets.
- great communication skills to bounce ideas off of our designer to collaborate and create a unique piece of artwork (we do a lot of album cover art).

Animation Assistant:
- Maya, Cinema 4D, Flash, & Final Cut (all would be ideal, but experience in any would be a great start. We're looking for someone with all the necessary skill sets).
- Great communication skills & ability to follow directions.

Programmer (Web Coder/iPhone App/Game Designer):
- knowledge/understanding & experience with HTML/XHTML, HTML5, JAVA, Flash, etc. (the more versatile you are in your abilities/skill sets, the more valuable you would be to our company).
- have a keen understanding of how to design and navigate websites from scratch.
- knowledge of the social media networks and how to design/re-design pages in a unique style.
- game/iPhone app programming would be a huge plus if you had experience, however, it's not a main requirement.

PR Assistant: Be very family with all social networks the company utilizes (Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Soundcloud). Bring new ideas to the table on how to promote our artists, find new jobs from budding artists to corporate clients (Red Bull, Nike, H&M, etc.).

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