The Industry

Many of the indoor and outdoor man-made places you see around you—homes, businesses, schools, recreation areas, landscaping etc.—were designed by architects. There are three main responsibilities of an architect: communicating with clients to understand their needs and budgets; preparing architecture drawings/plans; and visiting worksites to ensure construction is carried out according to plans. In addition to working with clients, architects consult with urban or regional planners, surveyors and engineers, other architects, technicians, and construction contractors. Architects are on the cutting edge of green design, which is a growing sector in very high demand.

The Career Options

Architecture is a great field for people interested in technology and art. Most architects work for architectural and engineering firms, while others work for the government, in construction companies, or are self-employed. With many years of work experience, architects may become architectural and engineering managers and oversee employees and larger construction projects.

To become an architect, you need a professional degree in architecture and you’ll need to pass the Architect Registration Examination. No matter what state you live in, you’ll be required by your state’s architectural registrations board to complete a lengthy paid internship (typically 3 years) before you can take the Architect Registration Examination.

The Internship

Architecture internships are a great way to get your head out of the books and learn how to build, create, manage, or engineer a construction project in the office and on site. You may help architects build models, prepare construction drawings on CADD, prepare architect drawings and documents, research building codes, and write specifications for new buildings. Interns are often given the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills or focus their energy on specific projects that may be of personal interest to them. During your internship, commit yourself to developing proficiency with the software used by your employer such as AutoCAD, Chief Architect, or ARCHICAD to create architecture plans as part of building information modeling (BIM), which is critical to your architecture skillset.

The Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in the field of architecture is expected to grow 7% over the next decade, which is about average for all occupations.

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