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(Ghana / Tanzania, Africa)
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WHO: Open to students and recent graduates of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, international development and sustainable design practices from around the world.

THE PROGRAM: The architecture internship is a hands-on, fulls-on site-specific experience in a location outside of the Western culture. Work side-by-side with local artisans to generate an alternative using sustainable materials from the environment while furthering your knowledge of the intersections between architecture and rural community. Experience how a design problem, budget and site-specific dynamics such as materials, indigenous technologies and community can provoke resourceful thinking and hybridization. In the process, the student will learn to design what is buildable to make a well rounded graduate.

DATES: We accept interns year round for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Workshops, intern can stay for 3 to 6 months.

JOIN US! Our program offers you a life-changing experience designed to immerse the participant in the local culture and lifestyles for your personal development or professional growth as you interact with the environment and explore Non-Western ways of thinking and doing in earth architecture. See the progress report of the workshops by: (1) team MOMOTH from France: ; (2) by Anna Webster from the UK; and (3) by Solterre Design from Canada


THE INTERNSHIP ASSIGNMENT: For the internship, we propose four activities:
(1) Construction: Intern will learn one of the following building methods: cob, cast earth, rammed earth or mud brick construction and teach it to the workshop teams who come to the site for earth architecture workshops.
(2) Environmental Conservation: Tree planting and landscaping of the village through use of resources that are available in the community.
(3) Administrative: Assist the site’s Community Coordinator, as may be necessary to make the arts village a place that our international participants would like to return.
(4) You many engage in any other activity in line with the question: What is you motivation or goal of participating in our internship program? We want your participation to, in return, support your personal growth or career interests.


Creative skills and passion for building with earth


Required - Always Willing to Learn

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