Animator for extremely high volume shows (millions of viewers)

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Ownage Pranks

We have over 180M total views and over 2M total subscribers to our channel, just youtube us to see examples of the animations we've done thus far. You will be provided with high quality pictures of already developed characters and will be coordinated by a main animator. You will receive credit for animations every episode, meaning Millions of people will see your name and help you in the future. To be able to get your name out to millions of people is a great opportunity and if all goes well hopefully we can transition you down the road to a paid position. Our brand is growing very quickly and were taking many big steps in 2014 to explode as youll see if you follow our channel. Send us in some of your works and your aspirations and let us see how we can help further each others interests.


- Following instructions and submitting animations in a timely manner


-Good quality animation samples

-The ability emulate and evolve our current animations (reference youtube: ownage pranks)

How To Apply

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