Develop Line of High-Def Digital Art Reproductions and Products

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DM Decos by Design, Inc.
Posted: 609 days ago
Company Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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General Summary

ArtSezz is revolutionizing how digital and vector images are accessed, made profitable, experienced, and used for branding, mainstreamed as architectural and interior design products, designed into purposeful (useful) art products, and printed as crystal-clear three-dimensional looking reproductions on a variety of distinctive and exclusive materials.

ArtSezz (1) transforms and monetizes digital images in ways that greatly increase their functionality, accessibility, and impact, (2) creates wealth for content providers and outlets for creativity, and (3) opens up an unlimited number of lucrative niche “micro-markets” and websites, by (a) maximizing the use of print-on-demand and mass customization, (b) aggregating boutique manufacturers, fabricators, printers, raw materials, and content providers throughout the US, and (c) by opening up the floodgates of democratic and disruptive innovation and the power of social networking using Threadless, Instagram, and Go-Pro as archetypes.

Intern(s) will be involved in all facets of researching and developing new product for artists and photographers, sales, marketing, and distribution.


Intern will be expected to combine the write content and artwork with the right base material using the right printing techniques and to develop existing and emerging markets, both in the amateur and professional worlds, that have a need for incorporating high-definition digital print solutions into products.

Content providers have a strong need to keep up with and surpass the product offerings of its competition while, at the same time, avoiding distractions and upheavals to its core competencies and the huge cost of creating the manufacturing infrastructure to internally develop products. How do you gain market share and maximize revenue without incurring a great deal of costs or risk?

The answer is to rely on a company that has the expertise and drive to fulfill manufacturing and fulfillment needs. Content providers need ways to gain more access to their markets and a wider range of utilization for their digital works. Consumers are looking to make their homes “works of art,” “home spas” and areas of tranquility. Commercial buyers are looking to create an environment where people will be motivated to purchase or consume whatever products or services the business may be selling. The digital art and stock art industry has changed greatly.
Interesting ways of utilizing digital art are not a luxury—they are a necessity in order to satisfy the needs of lucrative niche markets and to operate as a “lure” for attracting the lucrative hospitality and design markets. Your competitors are utilizing products that exhibit a “wow” factor and maximize the use of licensed digital artwork. More and more, companies are finding how to offer products that allow for a particular use of a particular piece of artwork for particular clients. The key is customization and offering the freedom for people to create their own masterpieces.


Out-of-the-box innovation, creative and artistic skills, resilience, perseverance, and the courage to realize your own potential.

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