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The Cricket Gallery has been a leader in the field of offering the finest quality and selection of original and limited edition animation art and Walt Disney Classic Collection character models for over 25 years. Still owned and operated by its original founders, Jackie and Michael Halbreich, The Cricket Gallery has had the distinction of selling and acting as worldwide distributors for many of the major animation studios, animators and directors with an emphasis on the artwork of MTV and Nickelodeon. We have been an authorized gallery of all the major studio and independent art programs. Our wholesale arm, Cricket Arts International brought The Simpsons, Beavis & Butt-head, Ren & Stimpy and more to the art market. We have had the good fortune to meet, and become friends with, many of the legendary animators such as Friz Freleng, Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, Myron Waldman and especially Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

It is our mission to help guide our clients to a better understanding of the value and collectability of animation cels, drawings, concept art and model sheets, with an emphasis on what makes them unique, how to recognize and understand authenticity and how to identify what to collect as well as what NOT to collect.

In its quarter century of operation we have maintained a policy that all original art offered by us is owned by The Cricket Gallery. We do not sell from the inventory of others or on consignment. It has always been, and remains our belief, that we can best show our confidence in the value of the art we offer by being willing to own it ourselves.


- Support and expand public relations with collectors, media contacts, artists and the general public
- Assist in managing gallery operations
- Assist in management, research, communication and coordination of installations
- Assist during events and receptions
- Maintain website, blog and social media network presence
- Handle and curate valuable artwork
- Shipping and packaging


- Studio Arts, Marketing/Hospitality, Business/Accounting, Art History, Communications Majors (preferred)
- Possess excellent written and verbal communication
- Possess multi-tasking and coordination experience
- Passion for art and animation
- Demonstrate attention to details while maintaining perspective
-Great organizational skills.

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