Graphic Artist/ Multi-Media Arts Internship

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Want to use your art to protect the First Amendment?

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee and The Defending Dissent Foundation, two national civil liberties organizations, are merging to create a more vibrant and effective force to protect constitutional rights.

BORDC/DDF organizes and supports an effective, national grassroots movement to restore civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Organizations and individuals use BORDC/DDF's resources and direct organizing support, tools, and strategies to educate their communities and legislators about threats to civil liberties.

BORDC/DDF offers several internship opportunities for students passionate about protecting civil liberties, especially the right to dissent. Interns are able to work remotely or in our national office, which is located in Northampton, MA, or in our Washington DC office. Interns at the DC office will have the opportunity to attend educational forums, symposia and meetings hosted by our allies, think tanks and local universities, and will also participate in meetings with coalition partners, Congressional staff and staff from different federal agencies and the White House.

All BORDC/DDF interns will engage in substantive work including research, writing, lobbying and coalition-building.

Summer Internship Program: This is an 8-week internship in our national or DC office. Students are expected to work 30 hours per week and are paid a modest stipend.

Remote Internships: This flexible internship offers students the opportunity to work on BORDC/DDF projects from anywhere in the U.S.

Fall or Spring Semester Internship Program: Full or part-time interns are accepted at our national office or can work remotely.


- Produce artwork for Dissent & Repression Comic series
- Write, produce and edit multi-media content including videos and podcasts
- Create artwork for use on website and print publications
- Produce layout and design for print and email newsletters and alerts.


BORDC/DDF is looking for intelligent and energetic artists who have a strong commitment to a free and open society. Your creativity as a comic artist, graphic designer, photographer, or producing audio or video programming is needed! Ideal candidates are responsible, focused, and talented.

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