Illustrator or Graphic Designer

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AFHI is looking for graphic artists! Artists should be able to produce items in a comedic style using dry humor, irony, and stylistic references from specific pop culture timeframes. Items produced would be a collaboration between artist and AFHI. Artists, graphic designers, or illustrators should have a portfolio of at least 5 pieces (need not be comedic) and at least one example (can be informal or student work) of comedic or ironic or surreal work. Other opportunities also available. Please feel free to share including this text (copy paste) and link. also see our video channel at


You will be co-producing numerous visual pieces in our trademark styles (three to four styles) most of which are vintage in nature (particularly 1950's look). Works include faux advertisements, magazine covers, puzzles and 'workbook pages' as well as potentially posters, flyers, and postcards. All work is collaborative and workshopped in a helpful, positive team environment.


1. a liberal orientation
2. a sense of humor, especially irony
3. a way with imagery and color
4. ability to accept workshopping, art direction, and editing
5. desire to have FUN and be a part of something new and different
6. ability to work 'in the style of' another visual artist or genre at times
7. willingness to keep going until you get it right

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