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Sanford Arts is an Integrative Health program housed within the Cancer Center at Sanford USD Medical Center, in Sioux Falls, SD. As a student intern your primary obligation and privilege will be to work with patients, caregivers, and sometimes staff creating arts-based projects and works of art. Each opportunity to meet with a participant is unique giving you the ability to use your skills and flexibility to discover new abilities in yourself and with whom you work. Your interactions with participants are meant to provide a deviation from any normal visit, in that you are providing opportunities to gain a skill, develop mastery, reduce nervousness, ultimately working for an improved experience. All work is with the arts and within the medium you know and love.

This internship may also serve as in introduction to an Expressive Therapies career. You will not be seeing clients in the same manner as in a therapeutic relationship, however many aspects to this internship serve as introductory components to Expressive Therapy practice in a healthcare setting. Your supervisor is an Expressive Therapist and will hold weekly discussions on Expressive Therapies topics.
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Your major responsibilities include meeting with patients, caregivers, & staff. Each meeting consists of a creative experience utilizing any medium, but most often it will be your area of expertise. You will complete documentation summarizing these meetings, and for various other information gathering needs. You will be working on myriad projects while working as an intern so it is your reponsibility to know what your limits are. You are responsible for coming to work on time and for attending all scheduled events. You will be given every opportunity to be a contributing member of a team that communicates its needs, actions, and grievances. It is essential that you are mature enough to work and thrive in this environment. The arts in healthcare and creative arts therapies field is relatively new in South Dakota and because of this you will also find yourself the frequent representative of "the arts field" This position also requires maturity and foresight.


Sanford Arts requires coursework amounting to that of a graduate level Expressive/Art/Music/Dance Thearpy student; junior or senior undergraduate. Acceptable undergradutate majors include Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Psychology & Sociology. Upon acceptance, you will work with the Center for Learning at Sanford Health to complete a background check, health screening, and mandatory learning modules before becoming attached to the Sanford Arts program.

We ask that you work a minimum 15 hours per week in order to reap the value the program has to offer.

Your maturity, flexibility, ability to work on a team, and knowledge of your medium or area of study are integral to your success and ours. Working in an environment where mortality is brought to light, examined and even realized demands strength of character as well.

A strong work ethic is a must as our program lends to autonomy. Although you will be working with a mentor or supervisor, you are expected to be at the hospital when agreed, to work on the days agreed - unless exception, to call ahead of time when you will be late or absent, to document accurately and timely, and to strive to create your best work with patients and from yourself.

This program is unpaid and would require that you live in or very near to the Sanford Hospita, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. If you are able to secure funding for this experience, you are encouraged to apply.


Required - Artistic Eye, Artistic Abilities, Artistic Vision, Musical Background, Theater
Preferred - Hospital Operations, Counseling Psychology, Social Work, Oncology, Pediatrics, Graphic Design, Art Education, Musical Direction

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