Cancer Research: Non-Paid Internship and Training or OPT (minimum 20hrs/wk for 1yr commitment)

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Genomics and Biomarkers
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Hackensack, NJ
Posted: 686 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Medical Center and science research laboratory in Hackensack.

The laboratory trained students for over 15yrs.
We are mainly interested in training early stage student/yourg professional via internship/volunteer program

Some of student trainees are OPT interns/volunteers: OPT is unpaid training positions.

Mainly looking for biology-related trained post-college/Masters degree and PhDs.
All volunteers/interns are supervised under my senior postdoctoral fellows (PhDs).

This program is not paid position, so no salary or compensation of any kind involved.

Program is for volunteers and non-paid internship

You are expected to be trained for scientific research and get cancer research experience.

ksuh (at) hackensackumc (dot) org will be the contact to send resume/cv


Will get some junior student supervision experience
Most of my trainees get trained while they prepare for industry jobs, PhD program, medical school or MD residency.

I do need to evaluate CV for qualification and interview them.

ksuh (at) hackensackumc (dot) org will be the contact to send resume/cv


I do have set guidelines for this program.

No short term intern/voluteership. Long term only; minimum 1yr

Must work minimum 5hrs/each day, 4 days/ each wk (flexible once trained)
Must stay with the lab for minimum 1yr full.
Must publish papers as coauthors with postdocs and the laboratory

If wish to stay with the lab and funding is available, we will consider hiring (you must show high productivity via publication records)

ksuh (at) hackensackumc (dot) org will be the contact to send resume/cv

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