Business Analyst

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Company Location: Jersey City, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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A Business Analyst (BA) is someone who analyzes the organization and design of businesses, government departments, and non-profit organizations; BAs also assess business models and their integration with technology.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Capable of performing detailed financial analysis including advanced financial modeling, profitability analysis, return on investment/discounted cash flow analysis, monitoring business issues and impact to bottom line.
• Heavy involvement in helping CFO budget and re-forecast operations / financials of the company.
• Oversee projects and implement them successfully.
• Perform various analytical functions, including analyzing proposed introduction of new programs, facilities acquisition, etc. and provide actionable insights.
• Research industry trends, competitors, etc. as necessary.
• Assist in preparing Board, lender and internal management reporting packages, including analytical review and graphs.
• Attend key meetings, both internal and external, which the President or CFO cannot attend and report findings from the meetings.

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