Business Developer

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Trick Technologies OY
21 Drydock Avenue MassChallenge
Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Catchbox makes the world's first throwable microphone, designed to make it easier to ask audiences questions and get people more involved at conferences and meetings. Basically, we want to make live events more fun and productive, whether it be a lecture, conference, or business meeting.


Our company is a young startup hoping to develop our business in the US by expanding our sales and business efforts. We just started operations in Boston and got accepted into the MassChallenge accelerator program. We need someone who is willing to help grow the company. This means being proactive and managing to handle a host of different roles, whether it is being a sales rep one day, to sourcing manufacturing contacts the next. As a startup, it's difficult to know precisely what the future holds, so instead of looking for candidates with specific skills, we look for people with a positive attitude and a passion to learn.


- Fluent English
- Passion to learn new things
- Proactive and Independent
- Integrity
- Positive Attitude
- Previous sales experience a plus

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