Business Development Intern For International Marketing Company

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Fidelitas Development is a young, full-service marketing firm based in San Diego that has quickly grown into an international organization. Business Development interns at Fidelitas Development will learn to work as a part of a team on large-scale projects in order to better position Fidelitas for client acquisition. Interns will learn internal communication skills, strategy, creative campaign construction, and sales skills in addition to project development.


Applicants should have a strong set of communication and social skills while being driven to reach their goals in a self-managed environment. While Fidelitas loves to give feedback and help interns grow, the team does not have time to hold the hand of someone that lacks the drive to succeed on their own accord.


Fidelitas business development interns will help develop and execute new business strategies, market research, identify strengths and weaknesses within Fidelitas, and will assist with the client acquisition process, all while enjoying flexible hours.

How To Apply

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