Business Manager and Administrator

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Company Location: Houston, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Description was founded in 1997.

CheapBooks seeks a business manager or team of business administrators to build our business entities, including ecommerce shopping portals, social networks, and other online services.

As part of this internship, you will have a team of interns whom you will manage. You will be free to manage them as you wish, using your own knowledge and judgement, and our support.

We will work together to build online commerce, social network, and other web sites.


You will manage a team of interns to build ecommerce products, online portals, social networks, and other web sites.

You will be assigned projects, consisting of existing web sites, and improve upon them until the task is completed. This will involve delegating responsibilities to our tem of interns in regards to marketing, design, and software development.

You will learn how to manage national advertising campaigns on TV, radio, newspaper, and internet. You will learn how to build a company from scratch, such as an ecommerce web site. You will be provided with all of the assistance you need to accomplish these tasks. You will learn how to manage projects and delegate tasks to a team.

You will report directly to our company general manager and CEO.


You should have a desire to engage in business management or administration.

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