Business Project Manager

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Technology company has a special project and is looking for a strong, enthusiastic and outgoing Business Manager who can manage key components of the project. This is a summer project involving technology and will occur every summer once it is implemented. It involves many people and will contribute to the technical growth of the target audience. Areas that need focus are primarily funding and how to deliver the content.

This project will stretch your knowledge of business and give you business skills you may not have had the oppotunty to build.


You will play a direct role on a daily basis in:
- finding partners to fund the project,
- finding participants to be a part of the project,
- finding volunteers and other staff members,
- work with upper management to plan the implementation of the project.


Must have a foundation in business relationship building or not be shy in learning.
Must be passionate about business and driven to get results.
Must have excellent communication skills and be able to write well and convience organizations to partner with us.
Must be well organized.
Must be depenable and have transportation.

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