CHLI Global Leaders Program

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The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) is the premier organization founded by Members of Congress to advance the Hispanic Community's Economic Progress with a focus on Social Responsibility and Global Competitiveness.

CHLI is committed to the education of our future leaders. In order to do so CHLI provides four (4) college students who have a strong interest in the Hispanic and Portuguese communities; as well as a desire to learn global trends and international issues, with an opportunity to intern in Washington DC for an academic semester. Either in the Spring or Fall.

Selected students will spend a semester in DC as members of our Global Leaders Program. They will intern at a Congressional Office for half a semester, then they will transition to a Corporate Government Affairs Office for the remaining half. All while attending the George Washington University, where they will earn up to four academic credits, that are typically matched by the student's educational institution. Also, selected students will have access to CHLI networking events, which provide a great opportunity to create meaningful relationships with some of the most prominent leaders in U.S.

CHLI is proud to provide the selected students with a full scholarship to attend participate in this program. CHLI Covers travel expenses, room and board, matriculation at GWU, book expenses, and we provide our students with a transportation and living stipend to help them during their time in DC.


Internship Details and Responsibilities:

CHLI’s Global Leaders Program will begin on January 12, 2014

Interns will be provided with living arrangements. The housing accommodations are handled by Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH).

Students will work with a Member of Congress for the first 8 weeks of the semester, and will be transferred to a corporation’s Government Affairs office for the remainder of the time.

Participants will work four (4) days a week, Monday through Thursday during regular business hours. 9-5 for a total of 32 hrs. /week and a total internship time of 520 hours.

Students will be evaluated by CHLI’s Programs and Operations Coordinator, Leo Velasquez.

In Washington, interns' responsibilities will vary. They will be asked to answer phones, research legislation, assist my legislative staff, attend hearings and briefings and answer constituent letters on various issues before the House. As a result, interns learn about the legislative process and the many other functions of a congressional and a Government Affairs office.

Students will also be enrolled at the George Washington University, where they will take one (1) Political Science Course. It is your responsibility to check with your institution to find out if courses are transferable.


To apply for our internship, students must:

Be either a raising Junior, Senior, or recent graduate*

Have at least a 3.0 GPA

Show community involvement

Show a strong interest in the U.S. Hispanic and Portuguese Community.

All applications must include the following documents:

Cover letter: Submit a one-page cover letter describing what you hope to gain from the program.

Unofficial Transcripts: Must include all semesters for which grades have been awarded at all colleges or universities attended.

Two letters of recommendation: From a professor or an employer are required. Letters must be included with your supporting documents.

Resume: Must include educational and employment background as well as extracurricular activities and special awards/honors

Personal statement: In approximately 800 words describe your family, work, educational and community experience that led you to apply to the CHLI Global Leaders Program. How do these experiences relate to your long-term goals? How will you continue your leadership within your community? What are your greatest strengths? And what are areas you would like to improve?

Legislative analysis: In approximately 800 words identify a bill introduced in Congress (House or Senate) during the most recent session and analyze the pros and cons of the legislation. State and explain your position, provide policy recommendations and identify their impact on the Hispanic and/or Portuguese community. Follow MLA format, and cite your sources. Plagiarism will result in dismissal of the application. We strongly recommend writing your analysis on one of the following topics:

a. Trade and International Affairs
b. Public Service
c. Energy and Environment
d. Education
e. Technology
f. Commerce

*Recent Graduates must have graduated no more than one year before the start date of the program.

You may find more information regarding our Program at our website,

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