Need 2 Interns: Business Administration & Marketing/Communications

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Grady, Wright & Associates Inc.
7310 Ritchie Highway Suite 213
Glen Burnie, MD
Posted: 620 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Grady, Wright & Associates, Inc. is a full-service independent insurance agency. Insurance sounds boring, we know, but believe it or not, we actually have a lot of fun.

Disproving the “Internship in Insurance” Myths
o You will be cold calling potential clients the entire time you’re with us – FALSE! While prospecting may be a part of your internship (because it’s a part of insurance) we will not have you sifting through phone books calling random people asking them if they want to purchase our insurance.
o INSURANCE IS BORING! – well that can be true at times, but your job and internship experience are what you make it and even more than that, it’s about the people you work with. At GWA we enjoy what we do, and we put our clients’ needs first, but that doesn’t stop us from having a little fun once in a while.
o You will be selling insurance – FALSE! A common misconception associated with insurance internships is that the company only has you there to sell insurance – we don’t. While you will be exposed to the selling process and have responsibilities for the preparation of information for our agents, you will not have to sell anything. We couldn’t imagine putting you through that much boredom.

What Makes our Program so Unique?
• As a small agency, you will have access to the ladies that started it all. Both of the founders of the company work in the very same atmosphere, so you will be afforded the opportunity to gain first-hand Entrepreneurial Experience.
• You will be exposed to Every Area of the business, including:
o Business Administration
o Administrative work
o Marketing & communications
o Human Resources
o Customer Service
• We make sure that we provide you with opportunities that will leave you with samples of Your Own Work. These make great “leave behinds” for job interviews.
• Depending on your commute, we also provide Transportation Reimbursement.
• We host an Exit Interview with you when your internship concludes. We want you to be as successful as possible, therefore, we provide you with tips on resume building, cover letter composition and interview tips that will help you snag that dream job once you graduate.
• WE HIRE INTERNS! What intern doesn’t want a job right after graduation with a company that they have already built a relationship with?
• We also allow former interns to Intern Again!


The Business Administration intern will:
• Assist customers with policy changes, questions and payments
• Learn the proper protocol for communicating with a new client and what information is needed for quoting
• Be responsible for minor office tasks like filing, scanning, ansering phones and sending emails
• Learn Strategies and tactics used to incite interest from potential clients
• Provide ongoing support to the sales team.
• Follow up strategies when communicating with existing clients.
• How to update and maintain customer management system
• Provide ongoing support to the Administrative staff.

The Marketing/Communications intern will:
• Create and distribute internal company documents.
• Create promotional documents for digital and print use including: brochures, informational packets, infographics, ebooks, flyers and newsletters.
• Create original blog posts to support marketing campaigns
• Schedule/Post interesting and timely articles on our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and Youtube)
• Contribute new thoughts and ideas during Marketing brainstorming sessions
• Support the Marketing and Communications specialist



In order to be eligible for our internship program, students must satisfy the following requirements:
• Be enrolled full time in an accredited college or university and able to provide proof
• Be a junior or senior with at least a 3.0 GPA
• Be at least 18 years or older
• Majors in: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications and Mathematics is preferred

We offer a 12-16 week, un-paid and for college credit internship program during fall and summer semesters. We do accept spring and winter interns, but it is dependent on the needs of the supervisor in the specified department at that time.

How To Apply

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