Dynamic business development internship

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Solutions Unified is the umbrella for a few start ups all related to health from an environmental perspective to physical health. Be a part of a development that has a sustainable technology company as well as a progressive health product and a new community center all based in downtown LA.

Your position would have dynamic responsibilities from business development, sales and research. You would have the luxury of learning about a few very thriving businesses from the sustainable tech industry to the cutting edge health and wellness industry from someone who has dedicated their life to the health of others and the planet for the past decade. She just needs dire help!


Follow up with tasks at hand from order and researching ingredients for products.

Researching prospect clients for sustainable tech implementations

Reaching out to prospective teachers for the center and helping organize schedules. Social and gorilla marketing for center.

And overall assisting in getting a plethora of jobs done!


The most important thing needed is someone who is sharp, organized and a go getter.

You have to be able to speak up, interested in learning and passionate about helping others.

If you have a business degree it would be a bonus to help draft business plans for investment capital but its not necessary.

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