Enterpreneur/Visionary/Life Skills Student

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DTAG Marketing Inc.
Company Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Street Smart Kids is on the verge of creating a revolution in life skills education, We offer online "brain training" courses to all who would like to become better at navigating through life in general! This is for kids, parents, coaches, teachers, executives and mentors...all open minded people above the age of 12.
We are seeking energetic individuals who would like to be an intergral part of something that has no downside on both a personal and a career development path. If you want to learn and share "streetsmarts" that will take you further in life than any college degree, then this is for you. This is a lifetome opportunity with more than fair compensation for the right person(s).


General activities that one does to run a successful business is what is expected of you. What you will learn will stay with you forever, guaranteed. Invaluable training is provided so you can perform at your highest l;evel.
You will be responsible for consistently exercising your best attributes in a winning team enviroment. You will be expected to learn how to make your job need you more than you need your job.
Come hungry to learn and you will enjoy just how well you work.


Intelligence, critical thinking skills, ambition, patience, a great attitude, realistic expectations and a profound respect for hard work and integrity.
An ability to postpone today's wants for tomorrow's greater wants and a belief in rewards for accomplishement.
A strong work ethic coupled with initiative is the ticket to having choices in your own life.
Good communication skills and raw honesty is a must.
Come ready to work, do what you say you are going to do and secure your own future.
The ability to accomplish daily tasks without being micro-mangaed, a passion for helping others and a genuine craving to learn to be the best posible version of yourself will allow you to excel.
The willingness to develop personal strengths and people skills and then to share these methods with others.

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