Graphic Designer

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Think Global Institute
Company Location: Denver, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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We have several unique opportunities for the right people to join Think Global Institute’s team to learn, grow, contribute and be inspired. We’ve been told that even in a few short months of supporting our Thinkers, the experience is one that will change your own life direction and clarify your own personal “why”.

All this being said, this isn’t your normal internship. You’ll change the lives of women in your own community and also around the globe. You will build practical, entrepreneurial and crucial business skills that aren’t learned in school or while slaving away, 9-5 in a cube. You will develop an authentic personal brand, a strong “why” and you won’t be the same when it’s over.

Because of the unique nature of Think Global Institute, we get many inquiries from people who want to work with us. We want the best, but being the best doesn’t always mean your resume is the most distinguished in the pile.

We select team members that match our culture. It’s important that we all enjoy spending time together professionally and personally. We want you if you know the true meaning of “do the work”. We want you if you’re flexible and curious, hard-working and playful. We want solutions not excuses. Pure acceptance and enjoyment when working with people hailing from different places, with varying cultures and religions.

When we find the right person, a few things can happen:
1. Think Global offers you a job
2. You find a job within the Thinker community
3. You can provide contract services to the Thinker community
4. We help you figure out what the right job is for you

If you give us the best you, you will get the best from Think Global.

What’s in it for you?
You will have a chance to work with more than 60 businesses globally. We give you a front row seat to observe, learn and participate in real life business situations, building strategies and implementing tactics alongside seasoned business advisors. You will be working with multiple businesses to diagnose and assess their individual needs. Your role will be vital in helping each business pivot and accelerate to the next level.

You will have an opportunity to teach entrepreneurs basic skills while walking through the strategies you have created. This is not practice! As a team, we will discuss and identify how your suggestions can be incorporated into the overall strategy of the business.

You’re not alone in this! Both a virtual and in-person team of business professionals, advisors and mentors are all working alongside each other in an environment of total collaboration and support.



Producing Marketing artwork and help manage the design of online content and advertising
Designing and producing mock layouts, ads, banners, landing pages, lookbooks, email marketing content, and feature rich content
Design logotypes, icons, print collateral for packaging and merchandise
Day-to-day design needs and support

The successful candidates will work alongside our advisors and management team
We may seek your assistance to help or support the women in our program
You will be invited to work with our Chief Advisor on various strategies to help strengthen the brand identity for the women in our program.

• You will meet various business owners throughout the entire internship program, however not every business will need your support and attention.
• Your first project will be focused on Think Global Institute’s internal strategy.
• Your role will include researching competition, markets and examples of various successful online environments.
• Ability to meet with a business in our program, effectively and efficiently assess their needs. Concisely and articulately recap your suggestions to the Chief Advisor (or directly to the Thinker if appropriate).
• Open and constant communication with the TGI team. Meeting management.
• Detail oriented. Must keep and update client notes after every meeting.

Based on expectations being met (or better exceeded), you will:
• Chance for monetary bonus
• Mentorship and instruction
• Receive a letter of recommendation
• Be invited to all Think Global events
• Be featured on our websites’, city page
• You could be recommended as hired service provider (post your engagement)


Ideal candidates should possess the following skills:

Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & InDesign
Knowledge of web standards
Impeccable attention to detail, layout and organization
Must have a keen eye for design and strive to develop aesthetically pleasing end results
Quick learner, adaptable.

How To Apply

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